Microsoft 365 Training


Our Microsoft 365 training and coaching programs provide incredibly practical strategies for getting the most out of these programs. Today’s workplaces rely on technology – for communication, for organisation, for productivity … just about everything.


Microsoft 365 provides an array of productivity tools that can be enormously helpful … when you know where to find them and how to use them. These digital productivity tools have the potential to totally transform the way you work together. We provide practical hands-on training for your team on some of the tools we know well. However, for a team to be effective, every individual needs to be able to use these tools with a reasonable level of competence. That’s where our Microsoft 365 training comes in.


Your team will instantly see improvements in the way they interact with each other, get things done and manage their workloads. Whether you are looking for productivity training on an individual basis, training for the whole team or even the wider organisation, we will help you take control of the modern office productivity challenge.


Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Teams


Two particularly powerful but often underused tools in the Microsoft 365 suite are Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Teams. Both of these programs offer enormous productivity advantages to people and organisations that are skilled up to use them properly. Our training is designed to help understand ways to get the maximum benefit from using both.


Use the links below to explore options for individual and team training in both of these tools. You will achieve maximum benefits when your entire team has been trained in both apps.


  • OneNote Productivity Training

  • Microsoft Teams Training